Ayelet Eliezer

SVP, Product Management, BioCatch

Customer experience is the hallmark of growing revenue in digital channels. However, that revenue can be threatened by losses sustained from new account fraud, account takeover and other cyber threats. As the volume of digital transactions surges, fraud and risk management leaders are tasked with building trust across a broad range of use cases, managing risk across digital channels, and limiting financial losses from cybercrime. BioCatch helps financial institutions and digital businesses build an online environment where customers feel safe to interact.

BioCatch, the market leader in behavioral biometrics, analyzes physical and cognitive digital behavior to distinguish between genuine users and criminals to detect fraud and identity theft and to improve customer experience.

Ayelet is a seasoned professional in product management specializing in machine learning systems in enterprise security and fraud detection domains. Ayelet has held a variety of roles in the past from engineering to research and product management; and brings a wealth of knowledge in enterprise identity and access management, consumer fraud prevention and detection for web and mobile, and risk intelligence. Prior to joining BioCatch, Ayelet was director of Risk and Analytics Product Management at Ping Identity and led the Anti-Fraud Adaptive Authentication Product Management at RSA Security. Ayelet is a CISSP with 15+ years of experience in the technology and information security industry with multiple patents in this space.

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