Allan Clare

Independent Financial Crime Risk Management and Compliance Advisor, Coach and NED, Obsequella Ltd

Allan is an accomplished leader in the financial services sector, particularly retail, wealth and commercial banking and general insurance, specialising in financial crime compliance and risk management. With a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired through senior executive leadership roles with a number of systemically important institutions across sectors, Allan has gained an industry- wide reputation as an innovator and thought leader in the area of financial crime.

With over 25 years of tactical and strategic experience designing, building and leading financial crime compliance and risk functions, as well as coordinating change and remediation programmes, Allan is well placed to advise on financial crime related challenges and strategic planning.

In his most recent role Allan was a member of the Executive Committee at HSBC UK Bank Plc, HSBC’s ‘ring fenced bank’ formed to comply with the UK’s Banking Reform Act. Here Allan held FCA Senior Manager/SMF17 responsibility for the bank’s financial crime programme.
Allan has also held numerous industry roles including membership of the UK Finance Economic Crime Payment & Services Board where he actively led collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors, working in partnership with law enforcement, Government and industry bodies to drive forward economic crime reform in the UK.

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