Technological Promises, Criminal Realities. A conversation between Julian Dixon and Oliver Bullough

March 24, 2021 10:45 AM

In the past decade, the ‘Regulatory Technology’ sector, or ‘RegTech’, has developed quickly in response to the need to manage existing financial crime risks better, enabled by the growing capacity and capability of evolving technologies themselves.  Many entrepreneurs have emerged from the technological and financial services sectors, looking for distinct ways in which to apply data analytic techniques, ‘AI’ and other advances to the classic issues of criminal detection and disruption.

At the same time, we have also witnessed a expansion in public awareness of the realities and consequences of financial crime. Driven by a new generation of investigative journalists in both in the developed and developing world, the public is increasingly aware that, after thirty years of an avowed international mission to fight financial crime, things appear now to be as bad as they have ever.

Julian Dixon, CEO of Napier, has been one of those who has sought to use innovation to fight financial crime, and Oliver Bullough, journalist and author of the best-selling ‘Moneyland’, has worked relentlessly to bring its ongoing impact to public attention. In this conversation, the speakers will reflect on the challenges and realities of financial crime from their own unique perspectives, and ask fundamental questions about the deep-rooted nature of financial crime, and how far technology and innovation can take us in the fight against it.