Keynote: Financial Crime: Tackling A Growing Threat. A conversation with Sir Rob Wainwright

March 23, 2021 7:30 AM

Financial Crime is a trillion-dollar global industry that allows criminals and corrupt elites to protect their illegal gains. Academics estimate that every year, $4 trillion is laundered globally and only 1% of that is disrupted by authorities. Its existence poses one of the largest systemic risks to the credibility of the international financial system, and it has devastating impacts on people, businesses and some of the most vulnerable communities.Although financial crime is not new, governments, regulators, law enforcement and the compliance industry increasingly recognise that we are at potentially dangerous inflection point, with new technology enabling increasing criminal innovation. The anti-financial crime community needs to find new vigour in its response.

In our opening conversation, Sir Rob Wainwright will provide a strategic overview of these challenges. As a board member of Global Fund to End Modern Slavery, the long-serving former Director of Europol, the EU’s policing agency, and before that a senior UK civil servant, he knows only too well the devastation financial crime brings, in this session he will draw on his extensive experience to provide insights into where we might be going next, and what collectively we need to do to tackle this growing threat.