The Risks in Asia’s Fintech Paradise. Can the region grow and fight financial crime?

March 24, 2021 7:00 AM

The Asia-Pacific region is undoubtedly home to some of the fastest growing and most innovative Fintech markets, with rapidly advancing customer adoption rates in developing and developed economies alike. The market continues to be dominated by several well-known Chinese ecommerce ‘super apps’, but firms in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and the countries of South East Asia are also making rapid advances. Several local regulators have become world-leaders in agile Fintech regulation, keen to shape environments where innovation can flourish.

But wherever there is an opportunity for profit, there is also an opportunity for crime, as growing rates of cyber fraud during the pandemic have attested. There is thus a growing awareness amongst law enforcement officials, regulators and compliance professionals in the region that the financial crime risks that come with growth need to be addressed.

In this panel, our experts will look at the underlying factors that have made the Asia Pacific region such a welcoming place for Fintech innovation, but also explore how serious organized crime, fraudsters and money launderers have found ways to abuse its advantages. The panel will also consider the compliance challenges that come from operating in a region of multiple jurisdictions and regulatory frameworks, and look at practical ways to manage the risks of regulatory divergence.


Payal Patel, Managing Director, FINTRAIL


Michelle Chong, Head of APAC Financial Crimes, Stripe

Sree Gudipati, AML & Regulatory Compliance Manager, Pepperstone

Jakub Zakrzewski, Managing Director, Kraken

Michel Cueilhes-Jaheny, MLRO, Railsbank