Theresa Bercich

Director of Product Strategy, Lucinity

Theresa Bercich is the Director of Product Strategy at Lucinity. In her role, she is responsible for continuously innovating the Lucinity Platform and creating the Lucinity product strategy. She champions the seamless relationship between the Lucinity Platform and its users and new approaches to leverage the power of Human AI.

Before joining Lucinity, she worked as a Machine Learning Expert for REalyse, where she was involved in developing complex deep learning, unsupervised learning, imputation, image classification, feature extraction and prediction models.

She is passionate about supporting financial institutions to better protect themselves from money laundering and fraud through productionising cutting-edge AI technology. Money laundering fuels horrendous crimes such as human, drug and arms trafficking, as well as corruption and therefore Lucinity fills a most needed gap in the financial sector and society as a whole. 

She holds a Master of Science (MS, Machine Learning & Deep Learning) from University College London and a Bachelor of Science from Queen Mary University of London in Business Management.

My Sessions

Oct 28, 2021 1:30 PM

Assessing the RegTech Impact