Vanessa Williams

Chief Compliance Officer and AML Compliance Officer, CrossTower

Vanessa Williams is CrossTower’s Chief Compliance Officer and AML Compliance Officer, and has over 15 years experience managing regulatory compliance risk in the capital markets with subject matter experience in Anti-money Laundering/Counter-terrorist Financing and Privacy. Prior to joining CrossTower, Vanessa served as Chief Compliance Officer to a quantitative and multi-asset investment adviser, Chief Anti-money Laundering Officer/Identity Theft Prevention Officer to U.S. and offshore mutual funds, and provided compliance expertise to new product launches and global regulatory compliance initiatives with Legg Mason, Inc. and its investment adviser affiliates. Ms. Williams obtained her Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) designation in 2011 and holds a BA from Lehigh University.

My Sessions

June 23, 2021

Off the Crypto Rollercoaster Are stable coins and centralised digital currencies 'safe' alternatives? (10:50AM ET | 3:50PM BST | 4:50PM CEST)