Nick Furneaux

MD at CSITech and CTO at Asset Reality

Nick has been working with and programming computers since being given a Sinclair ZX81, at the age of 12.  (At the age of 14 he designed a computer program to convince his teacher that he had gained access to his bank account.)

In the past 25 years, he has provided cyber security and digital investigation consultancy for companies and Law Enforcement institutions in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia and has lectured on the subject to numerous organisations. 

In 2018 he wrote ‘Investigating Cryptocurrencies’, currently the only book available dealing with the practical challenges and methods for investigating crimes involving cryptocurrency coins.  His world-class course on the subject has been sat by 100’s of investigators in the past 12 months.

Nick is currently working with and training law enforcement, intelligence and corporate personnel throughout the world in various forms of digital investigations including advanced open-source intelligence gathering techniques, cryptocurrency crime and RAM analysis. 

Nick also mistakenly thinks he looks good in a bow tie.

My Sessions

June 23, 2021

Crypto 2.0 – New ways of performing old tricks? Exploring Crypto Typologies with Nick Furneaux (9:50AM ET | 2:50PM BST | 3:50PM CEST)