Michael Rasmussen

GRC Analyst & Pundit, GRC 20/20 Research

Michael Rasmussen is an internationally recognised pundit on governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) – with specific expertise on the topics of enterprise GRC, GRC technology, corporate compliance, and policy management.  With 27+ years of experience, Michael helps organisations improve GRC processes, design and implement GRC architecture, and select technologies that are effective, efficient, and agile.  He is noted as the “Father of GRC” — being the first to define and model the GRC market in February 2002 while at Forrester.

My Sessions

June 23, 2021

FinCrime’s Wider Responsibility- Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting in FinCrime Compliance A presentation by Michael Rasmussen (12:50PM BST | 1:50PM CEST)