Dr Ronald Pol

Director and Principal, TeamFactors.com and EffectiveAML.org

Ron brings policy effectiveness and outcomes science to AML, a surprisingly rare discipline in a field marked by widespread use of “effectiveness” and “outcomes” language and heavily touted “solutions” with limited prospect of success. 

Tested in the crucible of a PhD framed in policy effectiveness and outcomes science and peer-reviewed journals, Ron’s research has identified when, how, where, and why the modern AML experiment disconnected from its capacity to achieve meaningful outcomes; updated and extended the United Nation’s “success rate” finding. 

He has also assessed the global AML “effectiveness” framework, finding it incapable of evaluating effectiveness and outcomes as it purports. His latest work tracks AML’s third (current) “effectiveness” inflection point opportunity in three decades; scans (rare) sightings of solutions matching outcomes science and a real prospect of meaningful results; and helps shape key design parameters enabling transformational AML effectiveness impact.

My Sessions

June 22, 2021

Moving the Needle - Defining, measuring, and improving FinCrime effectiveness (10:15AM BST | 11:15AM CEST | 5:15PM HK)