FinCrime Global will keep you up to date with the latest developments, strategies and insights across financial crime. New topics include:
Transparency Vs. Kleptocracy
Democracy depends on transparency andhonest government. But society’s trust in public officials—and the system ofgovernment itself—can falter when dirty money flows from autocratic regimes todemocracies. The transfer of kleptocratic funds is increasingly seen as the majorglobal financial crime threat. FinCrime World Forum will explore:
 · The root causesbehind corrupt flows of kleptographic funds· How the globalfinancial regime enables and nurtures kleptocracy· How states areseeking to deal with kleptocracy through corporate transparency· The role of financialservices providers, data, and tech in tackling the problem
Systemic Solutions to a Systemic Problem How can we improve effectiveness in the fight against financial crime?One thing is clear: sticking plasters and short-term solutions are not theanswer. Financial crime is a systemic problem requiring systemic solutions.
FinCrime World Forum will get to the heartof the problems of financial crime by exploring:
· Whether ongoingknow-your-customer (KYC) utilities and private sector joint-monitoringexperiments can contribute to effective systemic financial crime solutions· How cooperationbetween the public and private sectors has developed to fight COVID-19 scams· The role that servicearchitectures, central bank digital currencies, crypto, and blockchain couldplay in providing a connected view of financial crime risks
Sanctions: Weapon of Choice?  Sanctions are an increasingly important tool in the fight againstfinancial crime and corruption.
Major democratic powers—such as theU.S., EU, and the U.K.—are actively developing their human rights andcorruption-focused sanctions systems. But states like China and Russia aredeveloping measures designed to block Western sanctions.  FinCrime World Forums will help delegates understand:
· How sanctions can beused as a weapon against financial crime· How broad“democratic” and “authoritarian” blocs are using economic and financialstatecraft against each other—and how financial services providers can getcaught in the middle· How firms shouldapproach compliance challenges in a world where sanctions regimes competerather than complementing one another
From RegTech toEffectTech
Regulatory technologies (RegTech) arean established tool to help finance firms deliver on their anti-moneylaundering (AML) obligations. 
But an important field is developingalongside RegTech, known as “EffectTech”—tech designed to help finance firmstest and audit their systems to an external benchmark.
FinCrime World Forum will consider thecore meaning of “effectiveness” and consider the role of tech, with sessionsexploring:
· The use of automated penetrationtesting against financial crime controls· Using synthetic datasets to test platform settings· The development ofcommercial “typology libraries” for use in platforms
The Hidden Risks of'Tech-Fin'
Several well-established sectors have developedout of the rise of FinTech, including virtual assets, challenger banks, andpayment services providers (PSPs). 
But outside of these finance-specificapplications of technology, the tech industry is re-purposing pre-existingtools with embedded financial services (“Tech-Fin”). 
Social media companies, instantmessaging services, e-commerce companies, online game developers—players in allthese sectors are keen to implement financialization. But they sometimes do sowithout assessing the financial crime risks. FinCrime World Forum will explore:
· How actors fromacross sectors are repurposing FinTech in non-financial services contexts· The financial crimerisks arising from “financialised technology”· How such risks impactFinTech and the wider financial services sector
Turbo-Charging theRegulators?
Regulators across the world are gainingnew powers and resources to fight financial crime. Developments such as theU.S. Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) of 2020, the EU’s anti-money laundering/combatingthe financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) plan, and the new EU-wide AML agency areall evidence of this.
But how effective are these moveslikely to be? Are we on the verge of a new “push” to tackle financial crime,similar to that which led to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in the late1980s—or do these changes lack real teeth?  FinCrime World Forum will explore: 
· The recent andongoing regulatory changes across the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific region· How firms can positionthemselves as supportive partners in change · The problem of 'leftbehind' jurisdictions where regulators have fewer resources

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FinCrime World Forum Panel

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